Technical Requirements


Useful Information
There are just a few

  • One platform at least 8' x 8' and high enough so Nick can be seen from the knees up by all.
  • Stairs into the audience side or front of stage.
  • Nick needs the ability to patch into the main or house system. If unavailable a sound system can be provided.
  • Lights so that Nick can be clearly seen by all, just a general wash on stage.
  • The audience NOT distanced from the stage by a dance floor.
  • If you want to get fancier, you may add a follow spot with operator.

Less can be more. Often clients think that a 75 minute show is what they want when they really should have a 30-45 minute show, leaving the audience energized and wanting more.

Always request that the wait staff not clear dishes during a show. It is a major disturbance forĀ  your guests.

Give some thought on how to best set up the room. Sightlines are important.

Make sure you allow enough time and space for the act to get set up and perform properly. Nick would like to get all set up and do his sound and light check before the group comes in.